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The 7 Beaches of Gaeta

along the spectacular coast between Gaeta and Sperlonga

To be precise we want to talk about the coast that goes from Gaeta to Sperlonga, 10 Km that we believe are among the most beautiful of all along our peninsula, worthy of being preserved from speculation becoming a natural park or protected marine reserve.

In the 50s a very busy coastal road (the Via Flacca) was created which facilitated the connection and which has an incredible charm and whose beauty sometimes succeeds in overcoming the tourist exploitation.

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The Borgo Elena

Via Indipendenza – Churches of S. Giacomo, degli Scalzi and S. Cosma Vecchio – Fish Market

Let’s go now, starting from the Piazza del Comune with its bell tower and the so-called nearby Piazza Roma, in the heart of the village, walking along the typical “gut”: Via Indipendenza. You immediately find yourself in another dimension … 
Alleys and alleys, small windows and balconies, arches and small doors, small shops and stalls of products directly cultivated or packaged by local farmers … step by step is a continuous exaltation of all the senses …

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Gaeta Medioevale – Inside the Walls Step by step to the heart of the city

Travel time: from two hours to the whole day …

Starting from the  Prima Porta , the first access road by land to the Piazzaforte of Gaeta, continue on Lungomare Caboto and after a few hundred meters, on the right we find the  Second Gate  known as the Port of Charles V (or of the Citadel), for centuries (until 1928) was for those who came from the land route the only access to the fortified city and, for this reason, it is also known as Porta di Terra, a name also given to the surrounding district.

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Split Mountain and Monte Orlando Park

Itinerary to follow

Arrived in Gaeta by car or by bus you cannot miss the Sanctuary of  the Split Mountain , a name linked to three vertical cracks that legend has it was produced by the earthquake that occurred at the death of Christ.

The visit to the Sanctuary includes: the  Montagna Spaccata , the Via Crucis of 1849, the chapel of San Filippo Neri, the chapel of the Crucifix, the  Grotta del Turco  and finally the Church of the Santissima Trinità, proceeding as follows: 
Starting from the  Chiesa della SS. Trinity  dating from the late seventeenth century and it is a simplified but elegant synthesis of Neapolitan and Spanish Baroque models.

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Serapo beach

Serapo is a district of the municipality of Gaeta, which extends along the eastern coast of the isthmus of Montesecco, between Mount Orlando and the Catena hill, which is part of the Fontania promontory. This town is home to a vast beach, located in an urban area, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea from the north.

The  beach of Serapo  is the main beach of the  municipality  of  Gaeta  (also awarded in  2017 , for the fourth consecutive year, the  Blue Flag ),  about one  kilometer from the city center  ; his bathing activity flourished starting in  1926 , when the beach was closed on the northern slope of the Montesecco isthmus.

The beach of fine sand, also simply called  Serapo , is also a destination for Italian  and foreign tourists  , who crowd the beach establishments throughout the summer.

It is about 1.5 km long and was given, almost entirely, in concession by the Municipality of Gaeta.

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